We have moved away from Medium. It's been great to start a blog quickly with a nice interface to write posts. The problem is that they stopped supporting custom domains slightly before we launched our blog, so we have now migrated to a self-hosted Ghost blog. You can now find us at https://blog.simbol.io.

Apart from the blog, there are other great ways to stay in touch. We recently created a Spectrum chat. Join us there to talk about social VR, WebXR, decentralization, AR and so much more! It's also a great place to give us feedback and mention the issues you may have implementing Simbol.

We also have a mailing list! Go to https://simbol.io and sign up in the footer, or by clicking here. We promise to not saturate your inboxes, we just send timely updates with the latest tools and features, and relevant documentation with how to use Simbol.

Do you want to get started with Simbol? Check out this Glitch showing how to create social VR content in seconds!